• Bringing together the unmatched nature of Antalya and quality service, L’ancora Beach hotel welcomes guests as an exclusive member of Mine Group Hotels. Aiming to offer a pleasant holiday to families since 1989, the property welcomes you with a brand-new face following the renovation studies in 2021.

    Providing service with its 233 rooms in different sizes, L’ancora Beach Hotel offers a capacity of 510 beds. The property also features special rooms for guests with disabilities. The property serves in the category of 4-star hotel.

    Offering open buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner within the All-Inclusive concept, the property also features 3 bars where refreshing and delicious drinks are served.

    At the property, 1 main restaurant with indoor and outdoor spaces and 3 bars namely Barbarossa Bar, Pool Bar and The Blue Flamingo Bar provides service. Besides, there are 2 outdoor pools and a special area in the pool for the children.

    In addition to the rich facilities like Turkish bath, sauna and fitness, the property also offers free wireless internet connection, elevator, private parking lot and mini kids’ garden and a holiday environment where guests from all ages will have fun to the full and comfortably rest.

    L’ancora Beach Hotel is located 45 km to Antalya city centre and 55 km to Antalya Airport. Providing service with its private beach on the Kemer coastline, the property is located at the city centre. It’s within walking distance to Kemer Marina, Moonlight Park, night clubs and shopping street and located 200 m to the marina. The property is 15 km away from Phaselis Ancient City and 35 km from Olympus. There is only a distance of 10 km to the aerial tramway to reach the summit of Tahtali Mountain.

  • Dear Guests

    As it is known, a controlled normalization process has been started within the scope of the measures taken within the scope of “Pandemic” by the World Health Organization to prevent the spread of the New Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic.

    As L’ancora Beach Hotel, our priority is to provide you with a hygienic accommodation and a holiday during which you can feel safe because the health of our valued guests is very important to us.

    Therefore, by means of this hygiene and precaution concept, we would like to share briefly with you the hygiene and cleaning measures that we have taken in order to be prepared for the COVID-19 Pandemic and other possible epidemic risks that may occur later.

    A Pandemic Action Team has been created and required protocols have been prepared in our facility which aims to offer a real holiday in a comfortable warm environment, in addition to making our guests feel safe in a hygienic environment. As L’ancora Beach Hotel, in cooperation with Private Life Hospital, in all these precautionary processes, the Circular No. 2020/6 on ‘Controlled Normalization Process in Accommodation Facilities’ published by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the WHO was taken into consideration in detail.

    Our Workplace Health and Safety Team, which we formed at the very beginning of the pandemic process, constantly follows the agenda and developments.

    Necessary revisions are made in procedures and practices according to the new situations developing with the determinations and suggesti­ons of our team.

    We wish you health and wellness!


    Related to our valuable guests’ hotel check- in and check-out in an easy, safe and hygienic way, a number of additional measures have been taken.


    1. guests are welcomed with contactless temperature measurement applications, disinfection mats and hand disinfection applica­tion at the entrance to the facility.
    2. the reception desk, there is always a hand sanitizer and a disposable mask at the request of our guests.
    1. the check-in process, the reception team will take our guests temperature measurement through digital thermometers, and in case of a negative situation, this situation will be shared only with them in accordance with the KVKK laws, and the necessary ac­tions will be taken as written in our action plans.
    1. keys will be prepared and disinfected safely before our guests check in the hotel. In addition to the accommodation document, epidemic diseases Covid- 19 information commitment will be signed. The pencils given to you to fill in the required documents have been specially disinfected.
    2. POS Machines will be used within certain limits and these machines will be disinfected continuously.
    1. and items will be taken to our hotel and sent to our guests’ rooms safely on condition that they are disinfected by our per­sonnel who have received the necessary training.
    2. the transfer, cooperation was made with the agencies to fill in the accommodation cards of the guests.
    3. the precaution period, check in time has been changed to 15:00 and Check out time has been set as 11:00 in our hotel tem­porarily since disinfection and hygiene cleaning takes a long time. Thank you for your understanding.


    1. in and check out of our guests will be carried out in accordance with the distance rule.
    1. at the reception desk or guest relations desk will not be allowed. Waiting guests will be directed to the seating areas.
    1. work plan behind the desk staff is often disinfected by arranging it in accordance with the personal distance rule. Reception desk is protected with glass visor application (Reception desk has been cleared of any unnecessary item to give it the simplest appearence and all devices in it are arranged according to distance rules).


      Our aim in all guest rooms to offer you the environment where you have your hygenic and clean accomodation.


    1. disinfectant and bleach are used in room cleaning, more attention is paid to the surfaces that are constantly touched by hands, door handles, batteries, telephone handset, television remote control, air conditioner remote control, light switches, minibars are also disinfected after cleaning.
    2. staff and managers responsible for room cleaning wear masks and disposable gloves when working. After the cle­aning of each room, hands are washed, new mask, gloves and cleaning cloths are changed before the cleaning of the other room begins.
    1. bedclothes and towels are changed daily as much as possible and not shaken during their collection or spreading, thus dust and particles don’t spread around, and the dirty bedclothes are collected in separate bags.
    1. used sheets and towels are washed at 70 degrees and in sufficient time.
    1. rooms are ventilated for a minimum of 1 hour after the cleaning process is completed and routinely subjected to ozonization.
    1. of air conditioners / ventilation systems are frequently cleaned and disinfected.
    2. our hotel, Minibar products are received by being disinfected during delivery from suppliers, kept in a safe environment and served to our rooms.
    1. such as extra pillows, pique, bedspreads have been removed from all rooms.
    2. of the seating groups in the balcony are arranged.
    3. staff do not perform cleaning even on demand while in the guest room.



    1. pools are chlorinated at the level of 2.5-3 ppm. As always, pool cleanings continue to be carried out in accordance with chemical values that will not cause any disease or epidemic.
    1. deckchairs, sunbed cushions, blinds and their materials are periodically subjected to necessary cleaning and disinfection processes.
    1. is a warning sign that showers should be taken before entering the water in the beach and pool area.


    1. between sunbeds in outdoor pool and beaches have been rearranged according to the safe physical distance rule (1.5m between the sunbeds).

    The warning sign regarding the personal distance that must be kept in the pool is located around the pool and trained lifeguards will be around the pool responsible for watching and checking whether the rules are complied with.


    Our hotel has social (physical) distance rules and it is aimed to maintain the required safe physical contact distance in our food and beverage units.


    1. disinfection units will be available at the entrances of all our Food & Beverage units, and at the entrances we have staff members in charge who are responsible for giving the necessary guidance regarding reception and capacity usage.
    2. & Beverage places, tables, chairs, benches and all other equipment and materials are disinfected by way of doing the general cleaning of these materials properly at the beginning and end of the service.
    3. service personnel will use gloves, masks and visors when performing their duty.
    4. groups in all food and beverage units will be disinfected before meals.
    5. open buffet service buffets are protected with glass visor application and often disinfected with more hygienic and safe materials and equipment. Self-service is not allowed in Food and Beverage services, and our staff is constantly present at the buffets providing the necessary guidance and service.
    6. kindly request you to follow the social distance rules in our open buffet restaurants. Our food in the buffet is renewed frequently.
    7. chair, stool and seating distances in all Food & Beverage units are arranged in accordance with the recommended safe distances. Restaurant, Bar and general space sizes and capacities in our hotel are extremely spacious and sufficient.
    8. and cloth napkins will not be used in our tables, seasoning and spices set are properly disinfected after each use.
    9. staff will be available for providing service to ensure that the Social (Physical) Distance Rules are followed as much as possible in our bars, and the self service will be minimized. Tea and coffee machines used as self-service will not be used by our guests. We request you to comply with the Social (Physical) distance rules indicated in front of the bars.
    10. such as salt, pepper etc. That are available at dining tables will be offered in single-use packages.
    11. every material and product shipment to the food production area, hygiene barriers, sterilization devices, and tools and equipment necessary for hand and body hygiene are kept available in the kitchen area.
    12. our Food & Beverage units, dishes are not washed by hand, but by dishwasher.


    1. seating plan in all our restaurants and bars has been rearranged according to the social personal distance rule. (Distance betwe­en tables 1.5 -2 m)
    2. guests who receive service from the buffet use this area within certain limits according to the personal distance rule.



    1. areas, general areas and lobby are cleaned periodically every 2 hours by using effective disinfectants. Our hotel is working with EDTA Company, which is internationally known for chemical cleaning products. EDTA Company provides detailed training to all our staff at regular intervals. For this reason, it is ensured that proper chemicals are used at sufficient amount during cleaning. Cleaning processes are provided with suitable cleaning materials and different equipment for each area.
    2. all general areas and wcs/rest rooms, great attention is paid to cleaning of the surfaces, door handles, handrails, elevators, elevator buttons, sinks, faucets, urinals and toilets, these areas are disinfected with Hydrogen Peroxide based products after cleaning with water and detergent.
    1. entire cleaning team uses disposable gloves and masks during this process.
    2. are hand disinfection apparatus and units in all our general venues, rest rooms and at every point where they are needed, and their availability is checked meticulously. Cleaning and disinfection intervals are controlled through detailed checklists at increasing intervals.
    1. maintenance of the ventilation and air conditioning system and other tools, equipment and materials, such as laundry and dishwashers and sterilization of the necessary ones are provided.


    1. common areas and sitting groups in public areas have been rearranged taking safe physical distances into account.
    2. of our elevators is limited to only members of one family, 3 people from the same group or maximum 2 people who do not know each other. Elevator use instructions are placed in visible places.
    3. elevators can be used by a certain number of guests within the framework of personal distance rules.


    The hygiene of our hotel staff, who are in direct or indirect contact with our valuable guests, and of the hotel staff that we know they are in close contact with each other, keeping them healthy and raising their conscious about this issue are the most important factors for an effective general hygiene practice. Our precautions and practices are as follows.


    1. our staff use the products of EDTA company, which is a well-known brand in hygiene in the world, and go through all hygiene trainings. These educational trainings are organized periodically and given to all our employees, in addition, these issues are constantly revised at the Operation Meetings held every day.
    1. our employees begin working, they undergo general health screening and their temperatures are taken with digital thermometers. Our staff who have high temperature and disease-related symptoms are not allowed to begin working. Our staff, who do not feel well, is instructed not to come to the workplace and about the procedures to be performed.

     The transfer vehicles used by our employees on their arrivals and departures are disinfected before and after each service. Our employees have to wear a protective mask during transfers, and since the capacities of the transfer vehicles are used at a rate of 50%, a safe physical distance rule is applied.

    1. services are ventilated and disinfected every day.
    1. certified Workplace Doctor is working for our employees at our hotel. We have action plans in emergencies.
    1. traveling abroad stay in quarantine for 14 days at home or in lodging before starting work.
    1. sanitizers are deployed in all lodging units, and the temperature of the personnel is taken with a digital thermometer at the entrance and exit of the lodging.
    2. are provided with personal protective equipment (such as masks, surgical masks, gloves, visors) suitable for contact with the guest and the environment, and with hand-disinfection possibilities and the use of these products is monitored and checked.
    3. staff working in housekeeping, cleaning services, food and beverage production areas and in the background such as dishwashing area, must wear masks and disposable gloves.
    4. dispensers, hygiene posters and biological waste bags are provided at the entrance of the personnel locker rooms.
    5. staff uniforms are changed frequently, they are offered to the use of the staff after washing at 80 ˚C and undergoing special disinfection procedures.
    6. sanitizers are available in staff restaurant and resting areas.
    7. all personnel common areas and in the background work units, there are posters stating the importance of hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene.


    1. is obligatory to comply with the rule of maintaining the social distance of 1.5m in the staff restaurant, common areas, and lodging.
    1. should be taken to deploy/employ the same staff as much as possible in the same shift.
    1. is provided in rooms maximum for 4 people in the staff lodging.
    1. staff restaurant and cafeteria are organized according to this social distance rule.
    1. is forbidden to accept more than 2 people in the elevators used by the personnel.
    2. services run with 50% capacity to maintain a safe distance.
    1. are posters stating the importance of social distance in the staff restaurant and common areas.
    2. employee knows and applies the safe physical distance rule in their contacts with our guests and among themselves. Our employees, who are in direct contact with the guests, apply masks when necessary.


                Our Hotel’s Guest Rooms, Restaurants, Bars, General Venues, Meeting Rooms, and all other guest areas, Kitchen Areas, Personnel Usage Areas, offices and warehouses are disinfected in detail, with well-known effective Hydrogen Peroxide based EDTA products approved by the Ministry of Health.

    Disinfection procedures carried out by professional teams will continue periodically. In addition, our specialist disinfection teams in our hotel are working on this issue.

    Dear Guests

            In the Republic of Turkey where our hotel is situated, as a country we have moved from an extraordinary situation caused by Covid-19 pande­mic into a normalization process more quickly than any other country inflicted by Covid-19 pandemic and with less loss. Because the health system of our country is very prepared and very efficient for such situations. Our hotel cooperates with Private Life (Yaşam) Hospitals and provides a doctor service. Our action plans are ready in case of possible cases. All transactions and applications are recorded in detail.

         All of the materials and products that we produce and offer to our valued guests, are purchased from safe suppliers and accepted to our fa­cility after all necessary control and disinfection processes. Storage conditions and production methods are carried out in extremely hygienic environments in our facility.

         In addition to all these, we strongly support pandemic-related Hygiene Certification Program, which is expected to constitute the first examp­le in the world and accepted to be created under certain criteria by the competent authorities of the Republic of Turkey, that will be given to tourism enterprises by internationally recognized companies.

         The Corona Virus 2019 (Covid-19) is transmitted from person to person via respiratory droplets or direct contact from an infected person. The­refore, Guest & Guest, Guest & Employee and Employee & Employee relations are extremely important in accommodation facilities.

        As L’ancora Beach Hotel, we hope to meet you in new stories with the most hygienic and safe way.